The Editorial Committee makes effort to follow the best ethical standards in the publication procedures.


In particular, we make effort to follow the "Principles of Transparency" ethical code, proclaimed 22.06.2015 by the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) in collaboration with:

- Directory of Open Access Journal (DOAJ),

- Open Access Scholarly Publishers Assiciation (OASPA),

- Worlds Association of Medical Editors (WAME).


Preventing the Research Misconduct

Manuscripts submitted to Scripta Philosophica must be previously unpublished and not submitted for publication elsewhere at the same time.

The Autor is obligued to reveal all the persons involved in the work on a particular paper and determine the source of founding in the case when the article is a part of a research project sponsored by an institution or scientific association.


Therefore every author is asked to make an appriopriate statement - in electronic (scan) or traditional form (paper). The template of the statement is available in the section  For Authors .


Editorial Commettee comes against any forms of research misconduct such as:

  • plagiarism,
  • ghost-writing*,
  • guest authoring**,
  • citation manipulation,
  • data falsification ot fabrication.

If any of them take place the publication of paper will be suspended. The instiution to which the author is affliliated will be informed about the case of a research misconduct.


* Ghost-writing - a case of research misconduct when a person writes for and gives credit of authorship to another person: such an author is not mentioned neither among the authors nor in acknowledgments.

** Guest authoring - a case of research miscondut when authorship is formally assigned to a person whose contribution to the work on a paper was neglible or none.


Copyright Transfer Agreement

An Author submitting a paper in Scripta Philosophica transfers to the Publisher (KUL Publishing) all economic rights in the text and states his/her agreemement to sharing it freely online, on the www pages of the journal as well as the www pages of any scientific databases that the journal cooperates with.

Each Author is asked to sign up the Copyright Agreement and submit it to the Editorial Committee in electronic (scan) or traditional (paper) form. The template of the Copyright Transfer Agreement is available in the section  For Authors.


Fees and Financing

Submission and Publishing

No Author's fees or charges are required for manuscript processing and publishing.

Online Open Access

All papers published online are available without any subscription or pay-per-view fees, on www pages of the journal as well as resources of cooperating scientific databases.

Funding and Fees

The annual printing is funded by KUL. The Authors, Members of Scientific Council, Reviewers and Editors do not receive any financial reward for their work for the journal. Editorial Commette provides an authorial copy of the respective issue of journal to its Authors, Reviewers, Scientific Council Memebers and Editors.

Distribution and Economic Rights

The distributor of the printed version and the owner of economic rights to the content of Scripta Philosophica is KUL Publishing House.




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