Scripta Philosophica. Research Bulletin of Doctoral Students of Philosophy Faculty at KUL publishes contributions in four broad categories:

  • Articles

  • Translations

  • Reviews

  • Reports of the Scientific Conferences.

Proposals for contributions are welcomed at any time.


General requirements:

  • Submitted manuscripts must be previously unpublished and not submitted for publication elsewhere at the same time.
  • The Autor is obligued to reveal all the persons involved in the work on a particular paper and determine the source of founding in the case when the article is a part of a research project sponsored by an institution or scientific association.

Therefore every author is asked to make an appriopriate statement - in electronic (scan) or traditional form (paper). The template of the statement is available in the section For Authors.

  •  An Author submitting a paper in Scripta Philosophica transfers to the Publisher (KUL Publishing) all economic rights in the text and states his/her agreemement to sharing it freely online, on the www pages of the journal as well as the www pages of any scientific databases that the journal cooperates with.

Each Author is asked to sign up the Copyright Agreement and submit it to the Editorial Committee in electronic (scan) or traditional (paper) form. The template of the Copyright Transfer Agreement is available in the section For Authors.

No fees or charges are required for manuscript processing and publishing. An authorial copy will be sent to each of the Authors of a specific volume of the journal.


Text formatting

  1.  On the first page, please provide the information on each author, including full contact information (e.g. affiliation, place of doctoral studies, addresses, email).
  2. Papers may be anything up to 2000 marks in length, with footnotes and references as appropriate. Translations are no more than 15 pages long, whereas book reviews and reports are normally no more than 8 pages.
  3. Specific contributions (articles and translations) are reviewed.
  4. Authors are expected to supply an electronic version of their final text in Word or a compatible format (Open Office, Word Perfect). Email submission is preferred.
  5. Contributions submitted for publication should be numbered consecutively. Volume of the text should be around 10-15 pages (2000 marks with spaces per sheet), font: Times New Roman size 12, space 1.5, margins 1 inch on all sides; a structure of headings should be clearly defined and differentiated (title of the article, subtitles etc.).
  6. Scripta Philosophica uses UK English spelling with the ‘-ise’ convention.
  7. At the end of text insert:
          - a title (with subtitle) of the article
          - an abstract (summary; up to 160 words)
          - key words (max. 5).
  8. Text formatting should be confined to minimum: paragraph indentation, centering but include italic or bold type where necessary. Footnotes placed on a page to which it refers, font: Times New Roman size 10. Spacing, punctuation and spelling should be consistent. Citation of literature references follows a style given in a file.
  9. Authors are responsible for obtaining permission to reproduce any material or illustrations for which they do not have a copyright (translations, pictures reprint, tables and graphs from other sources).
  10. Articles, translations, reviews and reports submit to:



The deadline for Vol. 4(2015) texts submission was May 31, 2015.

Vol. 5(2016) submissions are welcomed!




Files to download


Author's Statement (.odt)

Author's Statement (.pdf)

Copyright Transfer Agreement (.odt)

Copyright Transfer Agreement (.pdf)


Footnotes and Bibliography (.pdf)