The academics of the University's juridical faculties hold or held responsible state and church positions, thus contributing to the life of the Church and Polish political changes. These people are:

Bishop Prof. Jan Nowicki (†1973)

– Apostolic Administrator in Lubaczów (1968-1973);

Bishop Prof. Piotr Kałwa (†1974)

– Bishop of the Lublin Diocese (1949-1974), Great Chancellor of KUL;

Bishop Prof. Walenty Wójcik (†1990)Józef_Krukowski.JPG

– Auxiliary Bishop of the Sandomierz Diocese (1960-1990);

Bishop Prof. Piotr Hemperek (†1992)

– Auxiliary Bishop of the Lublin Diocese (1982-1992); Rector of KUL (1983-1988);

Archbishop Prof. Andrzej Dzięga

– Bishop of the Sandomierz Diocese (2002-2009); Archbishop of the Szczecin-Kamień Diocese since 2009;

Bishop Artur Miziński, JCD

– Auxiliary Bishop of the Lublin Diocese since 2004; Secretary general of the Polish Bishops' Conference since 2014;

Rev. Prof. Józef Krukowski

– Counsellor of the Papal Legal Texts Interpretation Council since 1985; expert of the Parliamentary Special Commission focused on the ratification of the Concordat between Poland and the Holy See (1993-1998); delegate of the Polish Episcopate to the Constitutional Commission of the National Assembly (1994-1997); member of the Legal Consultative Committee to the Minister of Foreign Affairs (1998-2001);

prof.A.Grzeskowiak.jpgProf. Wiesław Chrzanowski (†2012)

– Minister of Justice and Public Prosecutor General (1991), Member of Parliament of 1st term (1991-1993) Marshal of Parliament of the 1st term (1991-1993), Senator (1997-2001); 

Prof. Alicja Grześkowiak

– Senator of 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th term (1989-2001), Speaker of the 4th term Senate (1997-2001);

Prof. Marek Kuryłowicz

-  Judge of State Tribunal (1989-1991);

Prof. Wojciech Łączkowski

– Judge of the Constitutional Tribunal (1989-1998), Chairman of National Electoral Commission (1994-1998); member of Monetary Policy Council (1998-2004);

Prof. Marek Safjan

– President of the Constitutional Tribunal (1998-2006); Judge of the Court of Justice of the European Union since 2009;

strzemboszadam_400.jpgProf. Adam Strzembosz

– Deputy State Secretary in the Ministry of Justice (1990-1991), judge of the Supreme Court (1990-1998), 1st President of the Supreme Court (1994-1998);

Hanna Suchocka, PhD

– Prime Minister (1992-1993), Minister of Justice and Public Prosecutor General (1997-2000), Member of Parliament (1980-1985; 1989-2001); since November 2001, the Polish Ambassador to the Holy See;

Prof. Andrzej Szajkowski

– since 1998 member and in the years 2000-2002 Chairman of the Legislative Council at the Prime Minister’s Office;

Prof. Marian Zdyb

– Judge of the Constitutional Tribunal (1998-2006);

Prof. Henryk Cioch

– Senator of 8th term (since 2011).


The professors of juridical faculties held the Office of the University Rector and Vice-Rector:

  •  Prof. Leon Waściszakowski - Vice-Rector (1922-1925)
  • Prof. Ignacy Czuma - Vice-Rector (1938-1939)
  • Rev. Prof. Antoni Szymański - Rector (1933-1939); Vice-Rector (1922/23, 1927/28)
  • Prof. Zdzisław Papierkowski - Vice-Rector (1944/45, 1948/49, 1959/60, 1967/68)
  • Prof. Czesław Strzeszewski - Vice-Rector (1949-1951)
  • Rev. Prof. Stanisław Płodzień - Vice-Rector (1954-1956)
  • Rev. Prof. Józef Rybczyk - Vice-Rector (1956-1959)
  • Rev. Prof. Piotr Hemperek - Rector (1983-1989)
  • Rev. Prof. Antoni Dębiński - Rector (since 2012)
  • Prof. Paweł Smoleń - Vice-Rector (since 2012)