Copyrights and Publishing Rights


1. The author declares that the submitted text is an original work and does not infringe any personal or material rights of third parties.


2. Submitting a text for publication in the Quêtes littéraires equals the author’s consent to a text being published free of charge in Open Access. Neither editors of the Journal nor its publisher charge fees for accepting a text for publication, editorial work, publishing or sharing published texts.


3. The author agrees to disclose information about their academic affiliation, business address and email address in both paper and electronic form.


4. The author transfers their material copyrights (in any domain of exploiting known at the time of the conclusion of the contract) to the publisher, especially the rights to:


a) publishing and distribution of the writing in the Journal,

b) placing copies of the Journal with the writing on the market,

c) storing on permanent media,

d) saving on computer hard drives,   

e) entering into databases and other digital repositories, including full text repositories,

f) distributing the work (in the form of eBook, PDF, etc.) in computer networks such as the Internet or Intranet – in whole as well as in the form of a study, abridgement and abstract.


5. The transfer of material copyrights is free of charge and ensues in the moment of paper submission.


6. The publisher decides about the form in which the text is published, including its graphic form, in consultation with the author.


7. The publisher has the right to introduce necessary changes resulting from editing work.


8. Publishing rights are transferred to the publisher.

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