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Universal Grammar: Ray Jackendoff versus Noam Chomsky (Sum.) 28

Two Notions of Truth and Two Concepts of the World (Sum.) 41

Science and Accuracy, i.e. towards J.F. Drewnowski Minimum Symbolic Apparatus (Sum.) 58

The Logic of Revealed Theology in the Works of Albert the Great and Thomas Aquinas (Sum.) 76

St. Thomas Aquinas’ “Fifth Way” in J.M. Bochenski’s and P. Weingartner’s Formalizations (Sum.) 98


Søren Kierkegaard’s Judgement on Martin Luther and Lutheranism (Sum.) 124

On some Determinats of the Fregean Theory of Quantification (Sum.) 140

Identity, Certain Functor Pronouns and Description (Sum.) 169






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