PNJA Phonetics



feedback 1. Here is a recording of some feedback to your test


this is the second part of the feedback

Watch both clips carefully and WORK WORK WORK

I will soon upload a discussion of dialogue 7 so that you can start practicing



Dear Students,

I will be sending you your marks as they come. In the meantime, while we have more time at home, maybe it is a good idea to do something with our pronunciation which goes beyond the course materials. I suggest two little clips on Youtube, one deals with English vowels:


the other with th-sounds


Watch them and make sure you use the information in your drilling.

Do not drill wrong sounds because you damage your English then!!!






These are the revision phrases that we are now testing. Please work on them to make sure they are perfect. Then, record them on your phone and send to me in m4a or mp3 format. You will be given a mark for this! The deadline for sending me the recording is... Monday 16th March. Send me your file with the following mail subject and file name: PNJA (Your)Surname (Your) group number.

For example: PNJA Cyran group 2



New instructions will be given above on Monday 16th or so.



This is the famous text Stella for your own work at home. Consider all the details of the transcription and work on it to make sure that at the end of the term... 




 This is the handy summary of the weak forms in English with examples and explanations



This list will be tested right after Christmas (only those students who have shown me their transcribed and signed lists will be allowed to take the test).






Phonetic symbols KIT - read it to remind yourselves of the IPA fonts and differences between Polish and English



All the dialogues we work on 



The mp3 files for download









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