Sound, Structure and Sense

Studies in Memory of Edmund Gussmann


Eugeniusz Cyran, Henryk Kardela, and Bogdan Szymanek (editors)


Lublin: Wydawnictwo KUL (2012), pp. 838.

Hardback: ISBN 978-83-7702-381-5




The thirty-six articles included in this collection explore a variety of linguistic topics but – as regards the majority of contributions – their main focus is on phonological structure and theory. The remaining few papers explore a selection of phenomena that are of relevance to current debates in morphosyntax and lexical semantics. A large number of languages feature in the analyses presented here: apart from Polish, which occupies a privileged position, the volume presents original research on various aspects of Modern and Old English, Belarusian, Bemba, Breton, Cornish, French, Hungarian, Irish, Japanese, Russian, Turkish, Welsh, Yoruba, Zulu, etc. Given the breadth of topics and language data, the book manages to illuminate a number of general problems of typological concern.
The present volume is dedicated to the memory of Edmund Gussmann, an eminent Polish linguist who died in 2010.


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