Structure and Interpretation. Studies in Phonology
Edited by Eugeniusz Cyran
Folium, Lublin 1998


1. Phillip Backley and Toyomi Takahashi Element activationpdf  Cyran_98_ed_-_1_Backley__Tkahashi (1.92 MB
2. Anna Bloch-Rozmej Contour structures in the vocalic system of Polishpdf Cyran_98_ed_-_2_Bloch-Rozmej(777.23 KB
3. Anita Buczek The vowel that cannot be long: the story of the Welsh central vowel [schwa]pdf Cyran_98_ed_-_3_Buczek(565.91 KB)
4. Monik Charette and Ashli Göksel Licensing constraints and vowel harmony in Turkic languagespdf Cyran_98_ed_-_4_Charette__Goksel(1.25 MB
5. Eugeniusz Cyran and Morgan Nilsson The Slavic [w > v] shift: a case for phonological strength pdf Cyran_98_ed_-_5_Cyran__Nilsson(761.52 KB
6. Edmund Gussmann Domains, relations, and the English agma pdf Cyran_98_ed_-_6_Gussmann(1.61 MB)
7. Edmund Gussmann and Eugeniusz Cyran Polish consonantal sequences: a phonological testing groundpdf Cyran_98_ed_-_7_Gussmann__Cyran(779.46 KB
8. John Harris and Edmund Gussmann Final codas: why the west was wrongpdf Cyran_98_ed_-_8_Harris__Gussmann(1.24 MB
9. Harry van der Hulst and Nancy A. Ritter Kammu minor syllables in head-driven phonologypdf Cyran_98_ed_-_9_Hulst__Ritter(1.21 MB
10. Krzysztof Jaskuła The prosodic hierarchy at work: lenition of voiceless spirants in Old Irishpdf Cyran_98_ed_-_10_Jaskula(696.55 KB
11. Duck-Young Lee and Shohei Yoshida A-head alignment: the case of vowel harmony in Koreanpdf Cyran_98_ed_-_11_Lee__Yoshida(484.24 KB)
12. Kuniya Nasukawa An integrated approach to nasality and voicingpdf Cyran_98_ed_-_12_Nasukawa(1.00 MB
13. John R. Rennision Contour segments without subsegmental structurespdf Cyran_98_ed_-_13_Rennison(958.49 KB)
14. Grażyna J. Rowicka The audibility and visibility of Mohawk ghosts pdf Cyran_98_ed_-_14_Rowicka(670.61 KB)
15. Tobias Scheer Governing domains are head-finalpdf Cyran_98_ed_-_15_Scheer(1.26 MB
16. Péter Szigetvári Why [h] is not voicedpdf Cyran_98_ed_-_16_Szigetvari(862.47 KB)

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