Important note from the U.S. Embassy

Dear Colleagues:
If you or any of your students need access to American scholarly journals or
electronic sources, including those which require subscription or user fees,
you might contact Mr. Andrew Schilling at the American Embassy in Warsaw.
During the welcome and introductory meeting for Fulbrighters, I learned that
the Embassy has an American Research Center with Lexus and Nexus for
scholars and academics conducting research.  I was told that this service is
free to Poles as well as Americans, and not only professors but also
students.  If you wish to work in the Center itself, they request that you
contact them 24 hours in advance so that they can give you security
clearance.  In some cases, they said, you don't even have to travel to the
Embassy.  You can simply email your request (author's name, title of work,
tile of publication, dates, pages, etcetera) and, if the article is
available, they can email it to you.

Here's the contact information that I received:

Andrew Schilling, Press Attaché

Email: <>

American Embassy
Al. Ujazdowskie 29/31
00-540 Warszawa
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