Rev. Antoni Dębiński, Bp Andrzej Dzięga, Grzegorz Górski  (Editor-in-Chief), Mirosław Granat, Antoni Kamiński, Antoni Kość SVD, Wojciech Łączkowski, Rev. Henryk Misztal, Rev. Stanisław Paździor, Tomasz Sieniow (Associate Editor), Jerzy Skoczylas,  Adam Strzembosz,  Eryk Wojciechowski.


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Tomasz Sieniow



Note to Authors

The Editor will be pleased to consider contributions provided they are not submitted for publication in other journals. Articles must be presented in their final form in English. Special attention should be given to quotations, footnotes and references, which should be accurate and complete. The submission of the text indicates  that authors consent, in the event of its publication, to the automatic transfer of all copyrights therefor to the Publisher of the Review of Comparative Law.



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