Letter from the Editor


Antoni Dębiński, Roman Law and  Polish Legal Culture

Delaine R. Swenson, The Search for the Rule of Law: Judicial Independence in the Former Soviet Republics of Central Asia

Leocadia Díaz Romero, The Fight Against Terrorism and Air Security in the European Union

Stanisław Dubiel, The Legal Basis for Possessing Temporal Goods by the Church

Marek Sudowski, Access to Justice in Poland

Sławomir Hypś, The Family and the Economic Well – Being of the State

Katarzyna Antolak, An Analysis of the Development of Civil Mediation in the Courts of the United States

Witold Sławiński, Influence of Trade Mark Rights on Free Movement of Goods in the European Union: Parallel Imports

Monika Sylwia Ilenda, The Concept of Territoriality as A Principle of the International Trademark Law and Its Reflection in the Law of the United States


Zait Xhemajli, Kosovo Judicial Council


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