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Jadwiga Potrzeszcz, Kinga Stasiak, Mortui vivos docent. In Memory of Rev. Prof. Antoni Kość, SVD

Jerzy Nikołajew, The Evolution of Law and the Electoral System in Ukraine

Marta Ordon, Freedom of Association in the People’s Republic of Poland and Its Restriction with Regard to the Roman Catholic Church

Piotr Telusiewicz, Property Sharing with the Participation of the Grandparents of the Deceased Spouse in Polish Family Law

Kinga Stasiak, The Position of Defence Counsel before the International Criminal Court – a Few Comments on the Lubanga Case

Sabina Zgaga, Military Necessity in International Criminal Law



Csaba Varga: Legal Systems, Legal Mentalities in the Perspective of European Unification – Hungarian Overview in a European Union Context (Original title in Hungarian: Jogrendszerek, jogi gondolkodasmodok az europai egysegesules perspektivajaban – Magyar korkep Europai Unios osszefuggesben), (rev. Ferenc Szilagyi)



Maciej Jońca, Lublin-Lviv. Legal Sciences between Tradition and the Present Time – on the Seventieth Annivaersary of the Death of Roman Longchamps de Bėrier. Lublin, 20th october 2011

Piero Tozzi, Tomasz Sieniow, Intellectual Foundations and Legal Means for the Protection of Human Life in the Pre-natal Phase: a Comparative Perspective

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