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Joanna Misztal-Konecka, The participation of the prosecutor in civil proceedings as a guarantee of ensuring the effectiveness of legal protection. Some remarks, 01_pdf


Piotr Radziewicz, Refusal of the Polish Constitutional Tribunal to apply the act stipulating the constitutional review procedure, 02_pdf


Tomasz Sienkiewicz, The need for research on public subjective rights of persons with disabilities from the perspective of Polish administrative law, 03_pdf


Katarzyna Syroka-Marczewska, Legal aspects of clinical trials in Poland, 04_pdf


Bartłomiej Orawiec, England: did the decision of the Supreme Court in the case of Jones v Kernott clarify the law in relation to trusts of the family home?, 05_pdf


Krzysztof Tapek, Law applicable for the representation to exercise the corporate rights of shareholders in Polish companies, 06_pdf

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