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Miluše Hrnčiříková, Lucia Valentová, Recognition of surnames in Czech legislation and judicature, 01_pdf


Maja Wolan, Barbara Gugała, Anna Jacek, Waiting Times Health Policy in Poland, 02_pdf


Emilia Sarnacka, Models of the legal construct of consent for post mortem organ transplantation illustrated by the example of Poland, Norway and USA, 03_pdf


Katarzyna Ginszt i Jakub Ginszt, The Concept of Self-Defense in American and Polish Legal Systems – a Comparative Analysis, 04_pdf


Magdalena Kisała, The role of praxeological principles in shaping competences of local governments, 05_pdf




Aliaksei Shulha, Glossary to the Judgment of teh Court of Justise of the European Union C-638/16 X and X V ÉTAT BELGE, 06_pdf

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