José Llompart, Dichotimische Rechtsphilosophie. Ihre Vor – und Nachteile

Piotr Kowalski, Basic Human Needs, Basic Human Rights: An Essay on the Quest of Empirical Human Rights Theory

Jerzy Zajdło, Zur Universellen Menschenrechtsbegrüdung

Kenichi Nakayama, Some Aspects of the Historical Transformation of the Criminal Law Theory in Japan

Toshio Sawanobori, Katsumasa Hirabayashi, Brain Death and Organ Transplantation. Its Legal Situation in Japan

Jan Widacki, Criminology in Poland. Past and Future

Zbigniew Hołda, Many People with Few Right. Some Remarks on Polish Prison System

Witold Spirydowicz, Crime and Mass Media in Poland

Maria Szewczyk, Supplementary Penalties in the System of Polish Penal Law

Tadeusz Ereciński, Recent Developments of Civil Justice in Poland

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