Vincent Ostrom, Religion and the Constitution of the American Political System

Antoni Z. Kamiński, Corruption and the Constitutional Principle of the Soviet-type Regimes

Denis Szabo, The Political Criminal: A Special Case

Robert J. Mutchmick, A Retrospective: The Contributions of Cesare Lombroso

Richard Quinney, The Theory and Practice of Peacemaking in the Development of Radical Criminology

Kevin Anderson, Radical Criminology and the Overcoming of Alienation: Perspectives From Marxian and Gandhian Humanism

Harold E. Pepinsky, A sociology of Justice

Jan Widacki, Janina Błachut, Criminality in Poland in the Years 1978 - 1989

Kanehiro Hoshino, Organized Crime and Its Origins in Japan

Samuel B. Ayo, Local Government and the Organization of Local Public Economies in the United States of America

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