Grzegorz Górski, The Polish Underground State and the European resistance movement in the years from 1939 to 1945

Adam Strzembosz, Occupation under provisions of international law and the legal status of Poland in the years 1944-1956

Zenon Grocholewski, Elements of the philosophy of law in the teaching of John Paul II

Wojciech Łączkowski, Axiological problems of observing the law

Sławomir Fundowicz, Public law corporations in the theory and practice of German law

Wojciech Sz. Staszewski, Historical development of the institution of the Honorary Consul

Antoni Z. Kamiński, Institutional and culture-related conditions of political corruption in Poland


Andrzej Dzięga, Alcohol-related canonical incapacity to marry

Wojciech Góralski, Ecumenical aspects of the Code of Canon Law by John Paul II

Józef Krukowski, Reflections of the model of the relations between the State and the Church in III Polish Republic

Henryk Misztal, Canonization in the Western Church in the view of canon law


Tomasz Sieniow, 1999-2001 Activities of the Center for American Law at the Catholic University of Lublin


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