M. A. Hussain, Good Governance and Public Management with Special Reference to the Andhra Pradesh Experience

Andriy Kosylo, The Breach of the Principle of Relations Parity between the State and the Church (the Abolition of the Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church in the USSR as a way of illustration) 

Abelardo Levaggi, Le probleme de la method chez les codificateurs iberoamericains verse de milieu du XIXeme siècle

Pedro F. Silva-Ruiz, The Puerto Rican Legal System: a Hybrid of Civil and Common Law (Relationships between Civil and Common Law in Puerto Rico)

Ludwik Sobolewski, Wacław Uruszczak, The Constitutional Principles at the Time of Polish Nobiliary Commonwealth as Found in the Mielnik Articles of 1501

Borys Tyshcyk, The Appearance State System and Law-making Activities of the West Ukrainian Peoples’s Republic (1918-1919)

Vira Kachur, General Characteristics of Sources of Law in Rus and Poland in Early Feudal Period

Yuriy Yevhenovych Vovk, Building of State during Directory of Ukrainian National Republic (1918-1920)

Henryk Misztal, Canonization Problems in Legal Publications

Stanisław Wrzosek, Dilemmas of Administrative Science

Marzena Hanna Dyjakowska, Comparative Research of Corpus Iuris Civilis in Dissertations of Professor’s of Academy of Zamość

Grzegorz Górski, The Kongdom of Poland and Peoples’s Republic of Poland in the Scope of Legal History

Wojciech Szczepan Staszewski, Historical Outline of the Institution of Ilonorary Consul in Poland

Agnieszka Maria Cenzartowicz, Modernization Proposals and their Impact

Witold Sławiński, Universal Jurisdiction in International Criminal Law


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