The African Community of Priests and Religious living in KUL’s Konwikt, among other spiritual activities holds two major retreats within the academic year in preparation for the major celebrations of the Church: Christmas and Easter.

In this academic year 2018/ 2019, the community had the privilege of having 
Fr. Jacek Dembek CSsR as the moderator for the Christmas retreat. The retreat lasted from 16th to 18th of November, 2018. Fr. Jacek Dembek, a Redemptorist Missionary and a renowned retreat preacher, among other things, created a deep impression and the conviction of how much God loves us. His retreat reminded us of how we (as Priests and Religious) are also entrapped in the natural movement/ shift from the global society to the smallest spaces in our communities and finally to our death bed. However, our solace at those critical and challenging moments comes from the sacrifices we have made in bringing God to the people and our great trust in the love of God.

The retreat ended on Sunday in a concelebrated Holy Eucharist where the final retreat blessing was given. Among those who joined in the last retreat Mass were the Konwikt director, Fr. Mirosław Chmielewski and our Spiritual director, Fr. Adam Kubis. At the end of the celebration, Fr. Donatus Eze gave the vote of thanks on behalf of the African community and presented the community’s gift to the retreat moderator. We, the African community from the bottom of our hearts thank the Konwikt director and our Spiritual directors for inviting Fr. Jacek to moderate our retreat. Indeed, it was the right choice. Fr. Jacek is very experienced and a great preacher. We thank him for coming!


Report by,

Fr. Faustinus Ik. Ugwuanyi

(President, African Community, KUL)



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