In the era of civilization progress and globalization, the problem of infectious diseases, prevention and combating it remains one of the important public health tasks. On the other hand, the specific nature and course of these illnesses is still an important profession for medicine, especially in the field of research and development, depending on the chemical and biological solutions, including drugs and vaccines, which will be effective. The public sector is condemned in this regard in most cases for the scientific and financial activity undertaken by the pharmaceutical industry. The latter, particularly when using the monopoly resulting from patent protection, is not always interested in directing its offer to underdeveloped markets. These areas are often sources of spreading epidemics. Hence the efforts of international organizations, followed by the European Union, to create legal instruments, such as compulsory export licenses, to counteract these unfavorable phenomena. It seems, however, that the introduction of a legislative formula is not sufficient to achieve the expected results without adequate political, economic and social support.


Keywords: infectious diseases, vaccines, patents, compulsory licenses, health care.

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