The article presents an overview of selected legal solutions in Poland – in the field of preventive vaccination, considered as an important element to ensure the health security of people vaccinated as well as the entire population. Analysis of existing legislation and jurisprudence, qualified under medical law, is backed up with available statistical data and practical observations from the author's professional experience. Presented issues are seen from the perspective of the patient and his safety as a public health category. This area of ​​responsibility of the state is of particular importance for shaping patient attitudes, approving or denying vaccination. This is especially true of parents' attitudes towards vaccination of children.


Key words: medical law (public health law), preventive vaccination, legal obligation, legal enforcement, health care system.

Autor: Zuzanna Gądzik
Ostatnia aktualizacja: 14.10.2018, godz. 16:37 - Zuzanna Gądzik