Amber is a mineral covered by the land ownership right. The exception applies to deposits located outside the spatial borders of the land, including ones located within the borders of maritime areas. They are covered by mining ownership, vested in the State Treasury.

"Amber fishing" consists in collecting amber nuggets washed out of submarine deposits and located under water at a small depth near the shoreline. The subject of Geological and Mining Act is, among others, prospecting for (exploration) and mining of minerals from deposits. There are many indications that the above-described  amber nuggets cannot be considered as a deposit within the meaning of Geological and Mining Act. As a consequence, "fishing" them will not require fulfillment of the requirements set out in the aforementioned Act. However, the unclear legal situation means that it is difficult to determine detailed requirements regarding the activity in question.



Key words: amber, mining licences, collectng of amber nuggets on the beach and the sea shore

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