The African Priests and Religious living in KUL’s konwikt had their annual Lenten retreat from 15th – 17th March 2019.


The retreat which was moderated by Rev. Fr. Dr Marcin Kowalski was an invigorating and spiritually fruitful experience for the group.

Mindful of this year’s theme, “The Parables of Jesus: Building up the Kingdom of God in our Lives,” the group had the opportunities of spending more hours in adoration, listening to the teachings of the parables of Jesus and reconciling with the Lord in the Sacrament of penance. In summary, the retreat was nothing less than wonderful experience with the Lord.


The African community remains grateful to the retreat moderator – Fr. Marcin Kowalski and the konwikt director – Fr. Dr Mirosław Chmielewski for a successful retreat.



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