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The 2019 Bernard O’Connor Award for

the Department of Celtic Studies!


We are proud to announce that the Department of Celtic Studies has been granted the 2019 Bernard O’Connor Award.






The Bernard O’Connor award was introduced last year by the Embassy of Ireland in Poland “to acknowledge the work of those who have made a significant contribution to friendship, cooperation and understanding between the Irish and Polish peoples”. It is dedicated to the honour of an Irish man, Bernard O’Connor, who was a physician at the court of King John III Sobieski and a historian who wrote the first history of Poland in the English language.


The Department of Celtic Studies at the John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin has been granted the award on the 30th anniversary of its foundation in recognition of the work undertaken in teaching and promoting the Irish language, culture and heritage.


The award was presented by her Excellency Emer O’Connell, Ambassador of Ireland to Poland, to the head of the Department, Prof. Maria Bloch-Trojnar, on 15.03.2019 at the official St Patrick’s Day celebrations in Warsaw.

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