Here you will find some useful links to Celtic pages


Irish Language links


A good starting point for all. A North American website, primarily, it is aimed chiefly at beginners, containing grammar lessons, proverbs, games and various fora where all aspects of Irish and Irish culture can be discussed in Irish or Irish and English (and where some of the posters hail from Russia, Lithuania, even Ireland :-)... a truly international site.)

Various interactive dictionaries where, depending on the site, you can enter either Irish or English words or verbs, and whose answers include not only the common words you'd expect in a dictionary but also examples from texts from Irish Government documents and from the EU, as well as from works of literature.

The Irish language television bilingual website.

Irish language radio. On the left hand side are links to audio programmes (sport, music, chat, the news etc) which can also be listened to if you have the right player - no subtitles though! :-)

Bilingual website of Foras na Gaeilge, the all-Ireland body that was founded to coordinate Irish language organisations.  On the site there is information about the language itself, where there are language courses, where Irish is used and can be used and so forth.

Collection of ancient to old Irish texts put on-line by University College Cork. Of some use if you're doing Old Irish! :-)

Monthly e-zine in Irish, featuring articles by various people about various things, not all having something to do with Irish.  On occasion an article has appeared by various members of the Celtic department. by Alex Hijmans from the Netherlands by Jim Norton


Gaelic language info

Welsh Language links

A directory of information to do with the Welsh language and includes resources (dictionaries, courses, other publications), contacts (publishers, other links), software (fonts, spell-checkers), media (newspapers, magazines, broadcast media, films), newsgroups and other discussion boards as well as personal information. In English.

News from the BBC in Welsh with facilities to turn on Vocabulary activity and translate news into English as well as with all sorts of facilities to enable language learning. (Their grammar book is crap.)

A pressure group devoted to the Welsh language

The Welsh Parliament website


National Eisteddfod

North American Association of Celtic Language Teachers 



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