Allegations of ritual murder against the followers of Judaism are unjustifiable and untrue. We strongly disagree with allegations of that sort. They are unfounded both in research and historical facts. The University holds the position expressed by the Popes condemning allegations of ritual murder.

The University conducts multidimensional cooperation with the Jewish Community in Poland. One sign of this is the meetings of Fr. Prof. Mirosław Kalinowski, Rector of the Catholic University of Lublin, and the representatives of the Jewish Community. The recent meeting with Michael Schudrich, Chief Rabbi of Poland, and prof. Stanisław Krajewski, Co-chairman of the Polish Council of Christians and Jews, was held on April 6, 2021.  In the near future, there are plans for joint projects concerning, among others, youth exchange from Poland and Israel, in cooperation with the Embassy of Israel in Poland.

Rector's College of the Catholic University of Lublin

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