Kościół i Prawo 1 (14) 2012: 105-117

The Pastoral Care of the Apostolic See concerning of Migrants and Itinerant People in the contemporary world


Mariusz Sitko


doktorant, Katedra Kościelnego Prawa Publicznego i Konstytucyjnego, Instytut Prawa Kanonicznego KUL, Wydział Prawa, Prawa Kanonicznego i Administracji, Katolicki Uniwersytet Lubelski Jana Pawła II

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Pope John Paul II established Pontifical Council For The Pastoral Care Of Migrants And Itinerant People, with the task of studying and providing pastoral care to "people on the move" such as those categories of people who became: migrants, refugees, exiles, displaced personnes, seafarers both aboard ship and in port and fishermen, road transport workers, air transport personnel, fairground workers, circus people, nomads, as well also those people who go on trips by various reasons of piety, study or recreation or those technicians working for large project at the international levels and other similar categories. The Dicastery has the competence bear on the special needs of those people who have left their homeland and deserve special attention in the most important life matters, such as spirituals care, freedom, inculturation also fraternal attitude of Christian people, and help to unite families, broken married life because of the big distance between a married couple. The Council is regularly participating in meetings of International Organisations that have an interest in migrants, exiles or refugees, and collaborating with them. Thus the Council is an ecclesial response to the pastoral needs of migrants and itinerant people.


Słowa kluczowe: migracja, duszpasterstwo, ruchliwość, kompetencja, koordynacja

Key words: migration, pastoral care, mobility, competence, coordination

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