Dear Colleagues,
It is our pleasure to invite you to the 5th meeting of Linguistics Beyond And Within  International Linguistics Conference in Lublin organized by the Department of Applied Linguistics, the Department of Theoretical Linguistics, the Department of Contrastive English-Polish Studies and the Department of Celtic Studies in the Institute of English Studies, John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin in Poland, which will be held on 18–19 October 2017.
We would like to invite scholars with innovative approaches to linguistics viewed from a range of intra- and interdisciplinary perspectives. We wish to encourage all linguists representing various theoretical models and practical applications to present their contributions during both oral and poster sessions, as well as during thematic workshops. The language of the conference is English.
The deadline for abstract submission is 30th June 2017For further information and all necessary details please see the attachment and the conference website:
We would be grateful if you could share this announcement by forwarding the information to anyone who may be interested in attending the conference.
We would also like to take this opportunity to invite you to submit complete papers to LingBaW (Linguistics Beyond and Within), a peer-reviewed online journal, published by the Faculty of Humanities, John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin, Poland. The journal is intended to promote the most excellent language-oriented projects of international scholarship. Contributions focused on the recent theoretical developments and innovative applications of research findings can be published in the form of both full-scale articles and shorter reviews. Hence, we invite all linguists to submit their articles to LingBaW and in this way enrich the forum of linguistic dialogue. For more information, go to
Yours faithfully,
LingBaW 2017 Organising Committee:
Prof. Anna Bloch-Rozmej
Prof. Anna Bondaruk
Prof. Anna Malicka-Kleparska
Prof. Maria Bloch-Trojnar
Wojciech Malec, PhD
Piotr Steinbrich, PhD
Karolina Drabikowska, MA
Marietta Izdebska, MA
Anna Prażmowska, MA
Linguistics Beyond And Within
International Linguistics Conference in Lublin
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