European Studies (residential, first cycle programme)

Academic year  2019/2020

Year I


History of Europe (lecture)

Political Science (lecture)

Introduction to Law (lecture)

Poland: Past and Present (lecture)

Fundamentals of Sociology and Social research methods (lecture)

Current developments in European Integration (tutorial)

EU resources on-line (laboratory classes)

English for law and business (classes)

Logic (lecture) (lecture)

Introduction to EU Law (lecture)

The history of European integration (lecture)

Public International Law (lecture)

Public International Law (classes)

Public speaking (workshops)

Ideas for Europe (tutorial)

English for law and business (classes)

Comparative law (lecture)

Comparative politics (lecture)

International Organizations (lecture)

Year II


Freedoms of Internal market (lecture)

EU External Relations (lecture)

Decision-making processes of the Europan Union (lecture)

Political Parties and Party Systems (lecture)

Microeconomics (lecture)

European criminal law (lecture)

International protection of human rights (lecture)

European Immigration and Asylum Policy (lecture)

Macroeconomics (lecture)

History of Philosophy (lecture)

Protection of intellectual property (lecture)

Negotiation and mediation (workshops)

Decision-making processes of the European Union (classes)

Freedoms of Internal market (classes)

EU Eastern policy (lecture)

Legal and institutional conditions for EU citizenship (lecture)

Status of the Third Country Nationals in the European Union (lecture)

EU Security Policy (lecture)

European cultural policy (lecture)

Judicial cooperation in civil matters in the EU (lecture)

Schengen Cooperation (lecture)

Year III

European standards of freedom of religion (lecture)

Ethics (lecture)

EU regional policy (lecture)

Introduction to financial law of EU member states (lecture)

Electronic Contracts Law (lecture)

Application of EU law by national courts (lecture)

Position of Poland in Europe (lecture)

EU customs law (lecture)

EU Integrated Border Management (lecture)

Mutual recognition of qualifications in the EU (lecture)

EU Agencies (lecture)

EU Economic institutions/entities (lecture)

Project management (classes)

EU funds (workshops)

Common Agricultural and Fisheries Policy (lecture)

Enlargement Policy of the EU (lecture)

EU security policy (lecture)

Social rights in Europe (lecture)

Work for the EU institutions and entities (lecture)

Internship (practical placement)

Institutional Law of the European Union (seminar)

The preparation of the thesis (assignment)

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