Name:                        Jarosław Jan Jęczeń

Address:                     PL 20-004 Lublin, Narutowicza 6

Telephone:                  mobile: +48 694 451 101


Date of Birth:              31th January 1968

Nationality:                 Polish

Languages:                 English, Italian, Russian, Latin



Educational Qualifications:


1986-1992:                 Study of Philosophy and Theology

                                  The John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin, Poland


1992:                          Master of Theology, KUL, Poland

                                  Thesis: The individual anthropology of Karol Wojtyła


1994-1996:                 Study of Moral Theology in KUL


1996-2000:                 Study of Moral Theology in The Alphonsian Academy

                                  Graduate Institute of Moral Theology in Rome


2000:                          Doctor of Moral Theology, The Alphonsian Academy

                                  Thesis: Persona e morale. Morale

                                  come il compimento della persona in Giovanni Paolo II

                                  (Person and Moral.

                                  The Person finds fulfillment in the Moral)


2014:                          Post-doctoral dissertation (habilitation thesis):

                                  I Communicate, Therefore I AM.


Employment/Professional experience:


1994-1996:                 Journalist, Reporter and Associate Director

                                  Catholic Radio of Lublin


2000-2005:                 General Director

                                  Radio Plus & Advertising Agency PLUS MEDIA


2003-2008:                 Rector’s Delegate for International Relations


2004-2008:                 Lecturer

                                  Faculty of Social Welfare, Palliative and Hospice

                                  The Institute of Family Science, KUL


2008-                         The Assistant Professor

                                  Faculty of Social Life of Family

                                  The Institute of Family Science, KUL


2008- 2011                 Associate Director

                                  The Institute of Family Science, KUL


2011-2013                  General Director

                                  The Institute of Family Science and Social Work, KUL


2013- 2017                  A member of the Faculty Committee

                                  for Teaching Quality (Faculty of Theology, KUL)


2014-2016                   The Faculty of Theology coordinator for promotion

                                  in ecclesiastic institutions and Catholic milieus 


2015-2017                  General Director

                                  The Institute of Family Science and Social Work, KUL


2016/2017                  Member-expert of the University Committee on

                                  Information Policy of KUL


2017/2018                  Member of the University Committee

                                 for Lifelong Learning, KUL


2018-                         Head of School of Polish Language and Culture, KUL


2018/2019                  Member of the University Education Committee, KUL


2018/2019                  Member of the Senate Committee on Science and                                                    Cooperation with Foreign Countries, KUL


Participation in Scientific Projects:


1. A model of a comprehensive system of cooperation with entrepreneurs to support the entry of young prisoners into the labor market in the Lubelskie Province (2013-2014)

2. Social worker - the professional support for the family with pathological gambling - II edition (2017-2018)

3. Integrated Program for raising the Competencies of students and employees of The John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin (2018-2020)

4. Welcome to KUL. Strengthening competences in international relations at the university (2019)



Fields of scientific and research interests:


The Doctoral Thesis is regarded a stating point for my scientific and research engagement as well as for my didactic work. The dissertation's subject was man who seeks self-fulfilment in what they do as well as self-fulfilment in the earthily and transcendental reality. Experience of all things external to man, as Karol Wojtyła would write in his anthropological work Acting Person is always associated with the experience of man as such. Man never experiences anything external to man without experiencing themselves. Interpersonal communication is this kind of experience; this includes the direct one as well as the one with the use of the cutting-edge communication technologies. In my scientific and research work I set out myself the objective: to find the answer to the following question - who is άνθρωπος in a broadly defined communication process. What is and what should be the image of today's man in mass-media? What are the conditions for man's fulfilment through interpersonal and media communication? When does communication favour man's participation in the family and society life and when does it impede such participation? When does it lead to integration and when does it lead to social exclusion or poses the danger of social exclusion?

On my quest to find answers and solutions to these questions I have been directed by my Doctoral Thesis: Persona e morale. Morale come il compimento della persona in Giovanni Paolo II. A concept of the person and the fact that men acts (this includes communication acts) provide specific moral values, decide about the shape of communication and man's sphere of life which is today referred to as the media sphere. Communication defined and perceived as man's act is a special moment of examination, in a sense it is the most appropriate starting point for comprehension of a dynamic nature of a human person. And morality as internal quality of these acts makes it even more possible to understand man as a person. My scientific publications do not concentrate so much on ethical questions, rather on the person as such. It is not assumed at the starting point. I wish to explore the reality of the person as such. A cognitive contact of the person with the person is rather the cognitive contact with the world the person lives in as the source of knowledge. This contact is executed through acts and even more through the prism of morality in existentional aspect: the dynamic fieri. Man's act alongside with a moral experience lays the basis for anthropology and ethics; these I find really important owing to my scientific achievements (MA and PhD dissertations) as well as by work as a priest.

Social exclusion or a threat of social exclusion is an especially painful experience for man. This also lies in scope of my scientific and research interests, in a sense it also expands my scientific activity into the field of social studies. This is related to the Institute I work in. This will be described in greater details in the scientific and didactic work section.

My inter-disciplinary interests, mainly in the field of humanities, combined with my many-year media experience provide a motivation for continuous scientific and didactic work. This is also a future outlook; a comprehensive monograph would be a crowning element of it: Mass-media Anthropology.


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