Alina Maria Rynio, Hab. PhD, Professor of KUL

John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin, born 16.07.1954 in Kotarzyn, Ostrowiecki County, świętokrzyskie vovivodeship


I am the fourth child of Stanisław and Otolia nee Wesołowska. I obtained Maturity Certificate in Cyprian Kamil Baczyński Secondary School in Szczecin, where I attended a class of biological and chemical profile with French as a language of instruction.

Academic degrees and titles:

In 1974 I began lasting nine years studies in John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin. The first stage was the theology, which I graduated in 1979. I obtained Master of Arts degree. The basis for the degree was a dissertation written under the supervision of rev. Hab. PhD, Professor Mieczysław Brzozowski, titled “The idea of Nation and responsibility for nation in Millennium sermons of Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński” p.138.

Having been encouraged by very good studying effects, in years 1979/83 I successfully continued full-time studies on social and religious psychology, specializing in the field of social psychology and religious education. I also finished this stage of studying with a master’s degree. This time the subject of my scientific research led by the supervision of rev. Hab. PhD, Professor Władysław Prężyna is “Attempt to interpret the sense of responsibility with a particular emphasis on existential-humanistic psychology ”.

I obtained the title Ph.D. in psychology on the basis of Ph.D. studies and defence of doctoral dissertation titled: “The education of youth in teaching of Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński in the Faculty of Social Sciences of John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin in 1992. Dissertation supervisor is Hab. PhD, Professor of KUL T. Kukołowicz, whereas reviewers are of Hab. PhD, Professor M. Braun-Gałkowska, rev. J. Tarnowski.

Thirteen years later 30.V.2005 under the approval of the central committee for the degrees and titles council resolutions in Department Studies Education of Adam Mickiewicz University of Poznań on 16th of November on granting a degree Alina Rynio became Ph.D. Hab. (higher doctorate) of humanities in pedagogy. My habilitation dissertation is titled: ”Integral education in thought of John Paul II”. Reviewers are of rev. Hab. PhD, Professor F. Adamski – Jagiellonian University, of rev. Hab. PhD, Professor T. Fronckowiak, Adam Mickiewicz University of Poznań from 16th of November 2004, priest, Ph.D. hab., M. Nowak, prof. of Catholic University John Paul II of Lublin.


Positions held:

My professional life from the beginning is connected with John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin. Through having employed me as an assistant by Hab. PhD, Professor T. Kukołowicz I have been working on a section of pedagogy, reactivated after almost thirty year break within the Faculty of Social Sciences in Catholic University of Lublin, transformed in 1998 into Institute of Pedagogy in this faculty.

In 1.X.1983 – 30.IX.1984- I have a position of an assistant trainee. In years 1984/94 – I am an assistant. Since 1.IX.2005 – 31.I.2007 I work in my Alma Mater as a lecturer with habilitation. Since 16.XI.2005 I am a manager of newly created Faculty of Social Sciences. In February 1.II.2007 I became an Associate Professor of John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin, possessing Ph.D. degree with habilitation.


My scientific specialization: pedagogy – theories of education



From the beginning of my work in John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin apart from theories of education the subject of my interest has been Catholic pedagogy, pedagogy of religion, theology of education (J. Groppo), teaching of among others John Paul II, Benedict XVI, Pope Francis, Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński, Cecylia Plater-Zyberkówna, rev. Jerzy Mirewicz SJ, rev. Jacek Woroniecki, S. Kunowski, rev. L. Giussani, rev. F. Blachnicki, pedagogy of selected movements of the Catholic Church, education in catholic school, ethos of a teacher, school pedagogy, pedagogy of caring, media pedagogy. I have been interested as well in developing Catholic pedagogical message in Poland and in the world, understanding the aims of education in religious and moral pedagogy, as well as searching for an adequate contemporary forms and ways of shaping free, mature and responsible personality.

Since the beginning of my scientific activity I have been undertaking research on the anthropological and theological foundations of the integral education of the person. In addition to a variety of classes conducted in the Institute of Pedagogy of John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin my research are focused around the theory and profiles of education, media pedagogy, general, developmental psychology, social pedagogy and religion, category of people significant in education, ideals, designs and patterns, education of believer, free and responsible human beings.


My academic achievements consists of

Independent monographs, edited, articles in scientific journals, multiple authors’ chapters in peer-reviewed scientific monographs, password dictionaries and reference books, popular science publications, participation in congresses teaching, symposia, seminars and conferences, organization of scientific conferences both national and international, their preparation and leading, supervision of thesis, supervising doctorates and master thesis, reviewing another’s achievemnets.

Apart from numerous scientific articles key publications in my achievements are two monographies :

Educating of youth in teaching of Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński, published I 1995, Lublin, publ.II 2001;

Integral education in thought of John Paul II, Lublin 2004.

Under my editorial there were released:

He always hoped. Reverand Mieczysław Brzozowski. Witness and memories, publishing II, extended edition, Lublin 2007;

Catholic Pedagogy. Chosen issues, Stalowa Wola 1999;

Education of an open human. The role of „Religious sense”by Luigi Giussani in shaping of a person Kielce 2001;

For the sake of the integral education, Lublin 2003 (co-editors Rev. M. Nowak and T. Ożóg);

Solidarity in John Paul II teaching , Lublin 2005;

Christian education – between tradition and present, Lublin 2007;

To God and motherland. John Paul Catholic University of Lublin in the statements of Polish primates, (co-editors M. Budkiewicz, J. Gawrysiak) 2008;

Media in Christian education, (co edited with. z D. Bis) 2010;

Yesterday, today, and tomorrow of pedagogy University in the light of Stefan Kunowski creation, (co edited with K. Braun, M. Łobacz), Lublin 2010;

The wealth of youth as a challenge for educators of XXI century, (co edited with K. Stępień), Lublin 2010;

Pedagogy on John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin. History and present day., (co edited with. R. Skrzyniarz, cooperation with Ł. Badeńska), Lublin 2011;

Safe youth, part I, (co edited with E. Juśko), Tarnów 2011,

Religious and moral dimension of development and education of a person, (coedited with K. Braun, A. Lendzion, D. Opozda), Lublin 2012;

Social and Educational Support in Life-Long Human Development, (Editors: Domagała-Zyśk E., Bis D., Rynio A.), Lublin 2012;

Family as a space of person’s development, (coeditors rev.M. Jeziorański, D. Opozda, S. Konefał), Lublin 2012;

A voice from the hermitage. Reverend Prelate Czesław Wala, Szydłówek 2013;

Education and civilization of addiction, (co edited by K. Stępień), Lublin 2014;

Gathering and preparation, Assembly and preparation for printing of conference materials, Blessed reverend Jerzy Popiełuszko defender of the truth about the man, 14 April 2015 r., in: Defender of the truth, Lublin 2015, p.101-248;

Wake up (not) discovered potential of marriage and family, (book copublished with. K. Braun, M. Jeziorański, I. Szewczak), Lublin 2015.

Since 2008 I actively cooperate with the Foundation Servire Veritati Institute of Education. The result of this cooperation are annually organized national training conferences for teachers and educators. These conferences not only popularize knowledge pedeutological and psycho-pedagogical but give the opportunity to exchange experiences.

Since 2011 I have been an editor of library series of Faculty of Christian pedagogy in John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin. During five years of the series duration, eight volumes have been released, three more have been submitted for publication.

In the near future in addition to co-editing the next collective works and planned series of articles I'm going to finalize launched thematic monograph devoted to the education to responsibility. I am also planning to continue cooperation with Polish and Italian academics.

I am also supervisor of numerous theses, including master’s and doctoral theses. In 2016 it is planned the defense of 11 master's theses and next four doctoral dissertations. I am often in the role of publishing reviewer or issuing opinions on the achievements of others.


Membership in scientific organizations:

-Longtime secretary, since 2007, till 2012 editor in Chief of yearbooks of Social Sciences Notebook 2 – Pedagogy [ John Paul Catholic University of Lublin Scientific Society publishing house];

- organizer of cyclical Commission Pedagogical near the Section of Pedagogy of John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin;

- member of Polish Pedagogical Association

- member of Christian Education Committee of Pedagogical Sciences PAN;

- member of Scientific Committee of Catholic

- Since 2011 I have been acting as co-editor of “The Person and the challenges” The journal of theology, education, canon law and Social Studies Inspired by Pope John Paul II ISSN 2083-8018.

- Under the Rector's decision of 8 February 2010 I am a member of the team for the creation of the Interdisciplinary Doctoral Studies at the Catholic University of Lublin. Since 01.02.2011 I am a member of International Center of Social Responsibility on my own accord.

- Since 01.02.2011 I have been taking an active part in the project “Best practices in strategic transformation of John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin” co-funded by the European Union under the European Social Fund Priority IV “Higher education and science, operation 4.1 “Strengthening and development of didactic potential of universities and increasing the number of graduates from faculties of key importance to the knowledge-based economy”, Sub operation 4.1.1 “Strengthening the teaching potential of the university "on the basis of project financing agreement: UDA- POKL. 04.01.01.-00-113/10-00.

- Since 2011 I am the Chairman of the National Committee of the Contest of Knowledge about the times and the person of Karol Wojtyła - Pope John Paul II organized for the participants in the gymnasium titled "Slavic Pope". The competition lasts for several years and every year has its new thematic edition.

- Since 1984 I am an active member of the international ecclesial movement Communion and Liberation (Communion and Liberation)



Received decorations and awards:

In 2000, for varied activities for the common good I received the silver Cross of Merit and in 2007 the medal of the National Education Commission. In 2005 gained an individual rector award for habilitation thesis; and in 2007 Rector's Award second degree for outstanding organizational achievement. In 2010, I get a statuette of the Independent Self-Governing Trade Union 'Solidarity Movement' Eastern Region in tribute to the selfless struggle for the freedom of Poland and the NSZZ "Solidarity Movement" number leg. 105, and in 2011 I was awarded with a golden medal for long term service , number leg. 436-2011-53. Moreover, in 2011 I was awarded with Individual Rector's prize of first degree for outstanding organizational and social activities and projects, which resulted in a significant improvement in the conditions of teaching and learning outcomes. Furthermore, I was given with Rector's Award Team II for outstanding organizational activity and social and popularization of Science. In 2015 I am beneficiary of this award as well.


Work for the environment:

As part of the engagement in favour of the university and the environment I can be assigned with authorship and co-organization of numerous conferences and symposia both national and international in Catholic University of Lublin.

Since the 1st of September till 1.x.2012 elected by the employees, I was a director of the Institute of Pedagogy of Catholic University in Lublin. This function was associated with exhausting work on the reorganization of study, curriculum (preparation of the nine programs of specialization), the reorganization of the educational process and work for the Institute at the new headquarters in Majdanek.

Thanks to my efforts in this period the number of students was multiplied, in addition there were created new posts for junior researchers. Furthermore, there were obtained new scientific degrees and titles. The Institute, which was managed by me, successfully went through the UKA and Paka. Thanks to my efforts the doctoral program was restored, it could afford for e-learning studio, and most importantly there was maintained Certificate of Quality of Education for the next five years.


Thanks to my efforts in this period the number of students were multiplied, new posts for junior researchers were successfully created. These posts were obtained for 10 years. Moreover, I was a tutor for two other cohorts of Pedagogy of Catholic University in Lublin.

For three terms I served as a Vice-President of the University "Solidarity Movement" of workers in Catholic University in Lublin. In addition, or many years I edited an internal newsletter Trade Union NSZZ "S". For four years I represented workers' interests in the Senate and various Senate Committees of catholic University in Lublin.

From 28th of March 2006 till March 2010 of my choice, I served as a Chairman of the Committee of the University "Solidarity Movement". I was many years Delegate for the National Science Section of NSZZ"Solidarity Movement" and the Catholic University Delegate for the General Assembly "Solidarity Movement". For many years I took an active part in the structures of the Regional Section of Science "Solidarity Movement" (Lublin) and worked with the National Solidarity Education Section.

Since 80’s I took part in popularizing knowledge of psycho cycles of lectures for youth, teachers, parents and intelligence. Promoting the University and the Institute I ran a number of workshops and gave lectures ordered outside the Catholic University of Lublin. I took part many times in Lublin Science Festival (2008,2009,2010,2011,2011);

For years, I have belonged to the Programme Board of the Foundation House of the Third Millennium of Stefan Cardinal Wyszynski in Zamosc and collaborate with the Foundation Happy Childhood.



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