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We are pleased to inform you that a new issue of Annals of Psychology dedicated to emotions has just been published. This is a special issue created as an aftermath of last year's International Scientific Conference Closer to Emotions VIII.



We invite you to read the articles included in it.


Paweł Kot and Aneta Przepiórka

Editors of the Special Issue


The preparation of this editorial article and the editorial work on this special issue were supported by the “Excellent Science” program of the Minister of Science and Higher Education: Grant Scientific Conference “Closer to Emotion 8” awarded to Paweł Kot (registration no. DNK/SP/466490/202015).





Visiting Professor of Middle-Eastern Europe Research and training project


Conference program and Conference proceedings


IX International research & training conference


Public health social, educational and psychological dimensions

Polish-Ukrainian actions

in the context of the war in Ukraine



19-21 July 2022

Lublin, Poland



The John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin

Department of Emotion and Motivation , KUL

Department of general psychology, KUL

In cooperation with

Institute of Psychoprophylaxis and Psychotherapy of Lublin



Conference program: 2022_conference_program-lublin-eng_ 

Conference proceedings: 2022_conference_proceedings 





The employees of our department implement the project: Online education during pandemic

In the project we aim to analyze a satisfaction with online education and its relation with intrinsic/extrinsic motivation. We include following mediators/moderators of this relationship: academic dishonesty, personality, country indexes/culture, and future anxiety.


Countries in which the research is carried out:

Poland, Bangladesh, Greece, Turkey, India, Slovakia, Portugal, Spain, Chile, Romania, Georgia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Russia, Great Britain, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Bulgaria, Israel, Italy, Ghana, Mexico, Malaysia, Ecuador, Peru, China, Germany, Australia, USA, Pakistan




We are pleased to inform that the Staff of the Department of Emotion and Motivation Psychology received funding from the "Doskonała Nauka" programme of the Ministry of Education and  Science to organize the Scientific Conference Closer to Emotion VIII (DNK/SP/466490/202015). The subsidy will make it possible to organise the next edition of the Scientific Conference Closer to Emotions at the highest international level.




The latest issue of the Przegląd Uniwersytecki (no. 1/2021) has published a report on the Evening of Remembrance dedicated to Professor Zbigniew Zaleski.


We invite you to read






Our colleague Mariusz Wołonciej was awarded by the Rector of the University of Lodz for his book Vocational interests of youth in Ecuador Inventory of the Occupational Preferences of Youth.




This book aims to support counselors in helping youth to discover their passion and possibly inspire them early, and with current, valid information about vocational interests and the demand in the contemporary job-market and help them plan either additional schooling or reaching the job of their dreams. It presents a new diagnostic tool: the Inventory of Professional Preferences of Youth in Ecuador (IPPJ—Inventario de las Preferencias Profeslonales de los Jovenes en Ecuador), with an introduction on how to better navigate their careers efficiently and successfully, taking into account the contemporary socioeconomic context in Ecuador. The key element of the book is a 15 minute self-assessment tool to help youth discover their professional interests and ideal work. The begins with an overview of the socioeconomic and legal context of occupational guidance in Ecuador. The second chapter presents crucial determinants of career choice with significant role of the profession choice. The third chapter highlights the theoretical assumptions of the questionnaire that are the starting point for the validation procedure of the new diagnostic tool. The fourth chapter presents a detailed description of all crucial steps in the construction of the IPPJ that might serve academic investigators and experts for the development and adaptation of the tool as well as for the longitudinal study of the vocational interests of Ecuadorian students or other related topics and variables. The fifth chapter describes the data normalization results to provide counselors with useful reference data. Additionally, it describes in brief the statistical procedure, calculation and interpretation of results. The final chapter summarizes the methodology and the tool construction process and presents possible challenges and recommendations for the efficient use of the IPPJ questionnaire results in advisory practice in Ecuadorian consulting and educational institutions. 




From the first of October, the composition of the Department of Psychology of Emotion and Motivation was strengthened by Julia Gorbaniuk, prof.; Piotr Mamcarz, PhD & Mariusz Wołońciej, PhD


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