Rev Sławomir NOWOSAD, Diocese of Zamość-Lubaczów, Poland

Born 16 December 1960, Zamość, Poland

Honorary Canon of the Cathedral Chapter in Zamość (1997); Chaplain of His Holiness (2009)



1967-1979: Elementary and secondary education in Zamość, Poland

1979-1984: University studies in Philosophy and Theology at Katolicki Uniwersytet Lubelski (KUL – Catholic University of Lublin), Lublin, Poland

1984: MA in theology (with distinction)

1984: Ordained a Roman Catholic priest; 1984-1988: pastoral ministry

1988-1992: Doctoral studies in Moral Theology at KUL, Poland

1992: Doctorate in moral theology at KUL, Poland

2001: Habilitation in moral theology at KUL, Poland


Academic positions and teaching experience


1991-2002: lecturer and assistant professor

2002-: extraordinary professor

2002-: Chair of Ecumenical Moral Theology

2002-2005: Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Theology

2008-2012: Vice-Rector of KUL
2016-2020: Dean of the Faculty of Theology


At other institutions:

1990-1997: Vice-Rector of the Theological Seminary, Lublin – Zamość, Poland

1993-2000: professor and Dean of Studies at Theological Colleges in Zamość and Lublin, Poland

1996: February-June: visiting professor at Studium Theologicum Ierosolymitanum, Jerusalem, Israel

1998-2001: visiting professor at the Theological Institute in Spisska Kapitula, Slovakia

2001-2007: visiting professor at the Theological Institute in Lviv, Ukraine

2003-2008: visiting professor at the College of the Humanities and Economics in Zamość, Poland
2016: visiting scholar at University of Notre Dame, Nanovic Institute, USA.

2019: visiting scholar at University of Notre Dame, USA.
2020: visiting scholar at University of Helsinki (Helsingin Yliopisto).


Professional membership

In Poland

1993-: The Polish Association of Moral Theologians (2013-: vice-president)

1998-: The Learned Society of KUL

2000-: The Lublin Learned Society

2008-2012: The University Research Commission

2015-: The Committee on Theological Sciences of the Polish Academy of Sciences

2017-: The Scientific Committee of the Aramaic Bible, KUL



2000-: International Institute for Hermeneutics, Toronto, Canada
2005-: Catholic Universities Partnership, University of Notre Dame, Nanovic Institute, USA

2010-: AVEPRO (Agency of the Holy See for the Evaluation and Promotion of Quality in Ecclesiastical Universities and Faculties), The Vatican


Books published

Teologia moralna ogólna [General Moral Theology], Lublin 1994, pp. 164

[coeditor] Ut non evacuetur crux Christi. Świadectwo Kościoła kato­lic­kiego w systemie totalitarnym w Europie Środkowo-Wschod­niej [Ut non evacuetur crux Christi: The Testimony of the Catholic Church in the Totalitarian System in Central-Eastern Europe]. Lublin: TN KUL 1994; (co-author of one chapter p. 219-298).

[co-author] World Religions and the 1994 United Na­tions In­ternational Conference on Population and Deve­lopment, Chicago: The Park Ridge Center 1994.

Nazwać dobro po imieniu. Sumienie w anglikańskiej teolo­gii moralnej [To Call the Good by Name: Conscience in Anglican Moral Theology], Lublin: RW KUL 1996, pp. 193.

Odnowa anglikańskiej teologii moralnej w XX wieku [The Revival of Anglican Moral Theology in the 20th c.], Lublin: RW KUL 2001, pp. 263.

Jesteśmy z Wieczernika [We Come from the Cenacle], Tarnów: Biblos 2008, pp. 111.

[editor] Barwy nauki. Nowoczesne technologie ICT w upowszechnianiu osiągnięć nauki [The Colours of Science: The Modern ICT in the Dissemination of Scientific Achievements], Lublin: KUL-TN KUL 2010, pp. 728.

[editor] W poszukiwaniu człowieka w człowieku. Chrześcijańskie korzenie nadziei [In Search of Man in Man: Christian Roots of Hope], Lublin: TN KUL 2012, pp. 372.

Moralne konsekwencje wiary. Szkice ekumeniczne i protestanckie [The Moral Consequences of Faith: Ecumenical and Protestant Essays], Lublin: TN KUL 2016, pp. 394.

Moralne konsekwencje wiary. Szkice anglikańskie [The Moral Consequences of Faith: Anglican Essays], Lublin: TN KUL 2016, pp. 325.
[editor] Vigo Auguste Demant, Not One World but Two: A Miscellany of Preachments, Lublin: TN KUL 2017.

[editor] 100 lat teologii na KUL, Lublin: Wydawnictwo KUL 2018 (english version: One Hundred Years of Theology at the John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin, Lublin: Wydawnictwo KUL 2019).

On Man, Theology, and the University: Selected Issues in Moral Theology, Lublin: TN KUL 2020.

Plus some 200 articles published.


Invited lectures abroad (selection)

  • Genval, Belgium, 4-7.05.1994, lecture: Moral Problems of Demography: A Catholic Perspective.
  • Keston Institute, Oxford, UK, 17.02.2000, lecture: The Survival of the Church in Poland under Communism.
  • Lisbon, Portugal, 5.08.2004, COCTI, lecture: The Impact of the Diversity of Professors and Students in Faculties of Theology in the Context of a Growing Cultural Pluralism.
  • Montpellier, France, 13-14.11.2004, conference JAFARE: The Janus Faces of Religion. A European Perspective on the Religion-State Relationship, lecture: A Catholic Perspective on Church-State Relations.
  • Notre Dame, University of Notre Dame, USA, 1-4.04.2005, Catholic University Project, lecture: The Mission of the Catholic University in the Contemporary Context: Theology and Diversity.
  • Uppsala, Sweden, 28.03-1.04.2006, conference Teaching Religion in a Multicultural European Society, lecture: A Catholic Perspective on Teaching Religion in a Multicultural Society.
  • Newark, NJ, USA, 27.04.2006, lecture: The Legacy of John Paul II and the Catholic University of Lublin.
  • Padua, Italy, 7-11.07.2006, The First World Congress of Catholic Moral Theologians, lecture: Anthropology as the Basis for Ecology.
  • Lisbon, Portugal, 14-16.05.2009, Assembly of European Federation of Catholic Universities, lecture: University Students and the Mission of the University – A Polish Perspective.
  • Canmore, Canada, 20-28.07.2010, Summer School <Poland in the Rockies>, lectures: (1) A Transformation of Christianity in Poland in the late 20th c., (2) Catholic University of Lublin in the Communist Poland, (3) Catholic-Jewish Relations in Poland: Past and Present.
  • Sydney, Canisius College, Australia, 21-24.11.2010, lectures: (1) The Church in Modern Society, (2) Anglicanism and Its Contemporary Transformations, (3) The Church and Civil Society in Poland.
  • Chongqing, Yangtze Normal University, China, 5-15.09.2011, lectures: (1) The Mission and Role of the University in the Modern Society, (2) The Catholic University of Lublin in the Context of the International Academic Cooperation.
  • Maynooth, Ireland, 6-9.06.2012, The International Eucharistic Congress, Theology Symposium <The Eucharistic Ecclesiology of Communion>, lecture: Blessed John Paul II and the Ecclesiology of Communion.
  • Notre Dame, University of Notre Dame (Nanovic Institute), USA, 14.11.2012, lecture: Man as the Primary Way for the University.
  • Milwaukee, University of Wisconsin, USA, 19.11.2012, lecture: The Martyrdom of the Polish Church and Polish Intelligentsia during WWII.
  • Chicago, USA, 18.10.2014, lecture: Kościół jako sakrament jedności [Church as a Sacrament of Unity].
  • Catholic Universities Partnership annual conferences (2005-2015: USA, Hungary, France, Slovakia, Poland, Ukraine, Italy).
  • Nairobi, Kenya, Tangaza University College, 24.01.2017, lecture: Martyrdom and Christian Ethics.
  • Zagreb, Croatia, Catholic University of Croatia, 12-13.05.2017, conferecne: Hope in the Future: The Experiences of Youth Under Communism, the Transition to Democracy and the Present, lecture: Communism Is Gone but the Debate About Man Continues.
  • Lviv, Ukraine, St. Józef Bilczewski Theological Institute, 21.10.2017, lecture: From an Anthropological Error to an Anthropological Revolution.
  • Pompano Beach, FL, USA, 5-9.02.2018, a series of lectures on anthropological and bioethical issues.
  • Lviv, Ukraine, Ukrainian Catholic University, 17-19.05.2018, conference: The Role of the Catholic University in Time of the Tensions of Populism and Nationalism, lecture: Resisting Temptations.
  • Catholic Universities Partnership – annual conferences 2005-2020: USA, Poland, Slovakia, France, Ukraine, Hungary, Italy, Croatia.


Grants, scholarships and research (international)

Oxford University Bodleian Library and Christ Church Library – regular annual research visits since 1991.

Christ Church, University of Oxford, UK, July-August 1996.

Keston Institute and St Benet’s Hall, Oxford, UK, January-June 2000.

Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium, June-July 2006 and February 2008.

University of Notre Dame, Nanovic Institute, USA, visiting scholar, October-December 2012.

Catholic University of America, Washington, DC, USA, July-August 2015.
University of Notre Dame, Nanovic Institute, USA, visiting scholar, July 2016.
University of Notre Dame, Mendoza College of Business, USA, Executive Program for Catholic Leadership, July 2017.
The Vatican, The Pontifical Academy of Sciences, conference commemorating KUL’s centenary, April 2018.


Major areas of professional interests and research: ecumenical context of Christian morality, Anglican moral theology and spirituality, Protestant ethics, moral issues of demography, ecology, the (Catholic) university in the context of the transformations in modern culture.


Doctoral dissertations supervised at KUL: 13.

Master’s theses supervised at KUL: 94.

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