The department was founded in 1998, at first it was called The Department of General Didactics. Employers of our department combine scientific and didactic work with helping educational institutions.

          Employers of the Department:

  • Prof. dr hab. Krystyna Chałas Chair of the Deapartment
  • Ks. dr hab. Adam Maj, prof. KUL
  • Dr hab. Beata Jakimiuk - lecturer
  • Dr Marta Buk-Cegiełka – lecturer
  • Dr Anna Badora - assistant 


          Employers of the department combine scientific and didactic work with supporting education in the whole country and abroad through scientific supervision over The Society of Seeking Gymnasiums from Small Towns and Villages, by founding in 2014 national Society of schools seeking ways of integral development and education of a child, leading from 2009 cyclic Seminar of exchange of experience for teachers of early-school and preschool education and students of pedagogy, sessions „I learn you teacher” and work focused on popularizing innovative experiences.


Main research topic:
Place and function of axiological education in building the culture of the school and its entities (nationwide design and implementation studies with elements of research in action)
 Specific topics:

  • Didactic conditions of integral education in a Catholic school as a factor in building its culture.
  • Axiological education and education towards values as a factor conditioning the culture of the school and its entities.
  • Education of axiological competences of teachers as a condition for building their pedagogical culture.
  • Place and function of religious education and the formation of school subjects in its culture.
  • Developing creative activity of school entities as a factor in building school culture.

Research have mainly survey-diagnosic and design-implementation character. In our department we primarily focus on research in action. They relate to social and cultural conditions of integral development and upbringing of a child and also creating the identity of a school.



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