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Milestones and news




 Nuzha Moritz visited Centre of Deaf and Hard of Hearing Education (KUL, Lublin)! For a week study visit. 8-15 January 2018. Nuzha gave an interesting lecture on deaf speech inrtelligibilty and willingly shared her experience with us.






International Conference Special Needs in a Multimodal World: Research and Practice in Higher Education. Universitat Jaume I, Castelló – Spain 4-5.05.2017. Referat (wspólnie z dr A. Podlewską) English as a Foreign Language for Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Persons – Polish and International Perspective






Warsztaty dla nauczycieli języka angielskiego i studentów w ramach XVII Dni Integracji. Siedlce, UPH, Instytut Edukacji, 6-7.04.2017. Warsztaty: Teaching English to deaf and hard of hearing students.




The 13th Conference of the European Society for the Study of English. Galway Ireland, 22-26.08. 2016, National University of Ireland – seminar 15 "English as foreign language for students with special educational needs - chances and challenges"

  • The seminar was organized by Ewa Domagala-Zysk, Nuzha Moritz and Anna Podlewska, joined by Jitka Sedlackova, Pat Pritchard, Anna Nabiałek and Rita Huhua Fan




Workshops for students: Multilingual - March 2016, Lublin - Warsaw - Poznan – more than 30 students from Preston, Poznan and Lublin





22nd International Congress on the Education of the Deaf. University of Patras, Athens, 6-9.07.2015.

  • Though we did not have a chance to have a separate seminar, five colleagues gave presentations in different sections: Edit H. Kontra, Ewa Domagala-Zysk, Joanna Falkowska, Jitka Sedlackova, Pat Pritchard and Siglinde Pape



Basic English for Deaf Learners, Project Closure Presentations and International Workshop, 8-9. 05. 2015.

- The foreign language learning motivation, beliefs and strategies of Deaf and severely hard-of- hearing students of ELTE Department of English Applied Linguistics, Budapest organized by Edit Kontra and her colleagues.






The 12th Conference of the European Society for the Study of English. Kosice, Pavol Jozef Safarik University, 29.08-2.09. 2014. Seminar: English as a foreign language for students with special educational needs – exceptional English for exceptional learners?

  • The seminar was convened by Ewa Domagala-Zysk and Edit H. Kontra and the following members were present: Nuzha Moritz, Ana Nabiałek, Beata Gulati, Joanna Falkowska, Pat Pritchard, Jitka Sedlackova and Zuzana Foniokova



International Workshop Seminar on teaching English for learners with hearing impairments . Brno, Masaryk University 7.11.2014. organized by Jitka Seclackova and Zuzana Fonikova, joined by Joanna Falkowska and Edit Kontra




International Conference: Innovative Methods in Teaching English to the Deaf and Hard-of-hearing Students and Children. Prague, Charles University, 24.09.2013.

  • Hosted by Daniela Janakova and Marie Dolezalova, joined by Ewa Domagala-Zysk, Anna Nabiałek, Iza Komar-Szulczynska and Jitka Sedlackova– a celebration of 20th anniversary of establishing the Language Resource Centre at Charles University




Fremdsprachenunterricht für Hőrbehinderte Schüler, Jugendliche und Erwachsene. Eötvös Loránd University - Univeristät Klagenfurt. Budapest, 24-26.05.2012.

  • Chaired by Edit Kontra, joined by Ewa Domagala-Zysk, Jitka Sedlackowa, Zuzana Foniokova – a great time to learn about Hungarian experiences



The 11th Conference of the European Society for the Study of English. Istanbul, Turkey, 4-8.09.2012, Bogazici University – seminar 42 "Deaf people's mastery of English as a second or foreign language"

  • Chaired by Elana Ochse and Ewa Domagala-Zysk (though she finally was absent due to serious family reasons), joined by Nuzha Moritz, Anna Podlewska, Beata Gulati and Anna Nabiałek



International Workshop Teaching English to the Hearing Impaired. Brno, Masaryk University 16.05,2012.

- organized by Jitka Sedlackova and Zuzana Fonikova, joined by Ewa Domagala-Zysk, Iza Komar-Szulczynska and Anna Nabiałek



Workshops for students: English as a tool of international communication - November 2012, Lublin  -  more than 20 students from Brno, Poznan and Lublin




International Conference Multilingualism in Europe. Prospects and Practices in East – Central Europe. Budapest, Research Centre for Multilingualism, Research Institute for Linguistics, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, 25-26.03.2011.

  • Edit H. Kontra and Ewa Domagala-Zysk presented their research


The 10th Conference of the European Society for the Study of English. Seminar 61. Rethinking the Challenge: English as a Foreign Language for Deaf Adult Learners. Torino, Univeristy of Torino, 24-28.08.2010.

  • Conveyed by Elana Ochse with participation of Nuzha Moritz, Ewa Domagala-Zysk and Anna Podlewska
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