O naszym uniwersytecie na stronie ICEVI (International Council for Education of Persons with a Visual Impairment)

LUBLIN - The John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin


Service provider: KUL CAN: University Centre for Inclusion of Students with Special Needs
Email: kulcan (at), bpsn (at)


Service provider: CAEM team - Centre for Adaptation of Educational Materials for Students with a Visual Impairment

Email: centrumn (at)

adaptation of educational materials produced in digital format, Braille or large print, adaptation of illustrations and diagrams: tactile graphics (description, hermographic printing, thermoforming, 3-D printing), Braille labelling of doors, computer room with specialist equipment and software: access to printers and Braille embossers, lending specialist equipment, accessible sport activities (kicksled, goalball, showdown, cycling), support for University teachers working with students with a visual impairment, accessible language lab, workshops for students with a visual impairment (body language, difficult concepts, gaps in the knowledge of the world, accessible art), permanent exhibition and workshops for sighted persons about visual impairment, O&M training

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