Since 2014 TEXTS: Literary and Cultural Studies Conference has been a venue for the examination of various “texts” of English-speaking countries and stimulating scientific debates. Our conferences promote the development and dissemination of original research and critical thinking about various social, cultural, philosophical and historical issues reflected in countless "texts" of English-speaking countries.


TEXTS began as a dynamic forum of academic dialogue among doctoral students and faculty affiliated with John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin. Having heard that TEXTS conferences are a fantastic opportunity to present your research in front of friendly and engaged audiences, researchers and academics from other Polish universities joined our discussions. In 2021, after a longer break, we came back in an online format. Thus, the new name of the conference: eTEXTS: Literary and Cultural Studies Conference. The online format allowed numerous researchers from abroad to participate in academic discussion and explore various academic questions/issues/problems. The participants of the 11th edition of eTEXTS came from Poland, Spain, France, England and the USA. Building on the successes of the 2021 online meeting, the next post-pandemic editions of eTEXTS are planned as an online event.


We are delighted to share with you the program of our upcoming eTEXT12: Literary and Cultural Studies Conference. The conference is co-organized by English Studies at KUL and Delta State University, Mississippi. It will take place on Friday (28.10.22) via MS Teams.

If you'd like to attend, please contact Maciej Czerniakowski for a link to our event.



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