Symbolika cerkwi, która także stanowi wartość misteryjną, w imponujący sposób ułatwia dostęp do treści i języka nabożeństw liturgicznych. Jest swoistą przepustką ku właściwemu rozumieniu ich aktualnego znaczenia uświęcającego osób wierzących i zdobywania przez nich większej ufności w życie przyszłe.




Structure of the iconographic decoration of the orthodox church makes the performance of the appropriate theological and symbolic canon, established for each of its parts and harmonizing with the active liturgical activity. The most important elements of the decoration, which dominate since XI century remain invariable and during few subsequent centuries have only been made more perfect. The end of XVII century has been assumed as the final period in which comprehensive iconographic vision of the orthodox church was shaped. The icon, as understood by the eastern theology, is the expression of charismatic consciousness of the Church as a whole in relation to the transcendental reality. It is not treated only as the work of the individual creative imagination, allowed only for the aesthetic experience of an individual, but as a value of the universal nature. Visible figure of the orthodox church and symbolic form its interior always make a full harmony.

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