Katedra Metodologii Nauk KUL zaprasza 7 czerwca 2018 r. na workshop pt. Building a Research Platform upon a Dialogue on Science, Ethics and Religion. Workshop odbędzie się w sali C-220.



9.30 Sesja I

  • prof. John Duff (University Massachusetts Boston): The promise and pitfalls of building dialogues between faith and science
  • dr Tomasz Łach (PTOT): Does the faultless disagreement could be useful in science and religion dialogue?
  • mgr Piotr Biłgorajski (KUL): Science without dogma
  • ks dr hab. Krzysztof Kaucha (KUL): Building a dialogue platform on science, ethics and religion: a theological perspective

11.30 Sesja II

  • mgr Marcin Garbowski (KUL): The Transhuman Peacemaker: A Technoprogressive Solution to the Conservatism vs. Liberalism Quagmire
  • dr hab. Robert Ptaszek (KUL):Several Reasons Why Believers, and Roman Catholics in Particular, Should Do Science Today
  • dr hab. Agnieszka Lekka-Kowalik (KUL): Catholic education – a basis for a dialog between science and ethics.


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