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dr hab. Agnieszka Lekka-Kowalik, prof. KUL


Professor Eleonore Stump



 Eleonore Stump

St Louis University, USA

 Wandering in Darkness

 Narrative and the problem of suffering

30 hour-course,
1 hour credit, 2 ECTS points

May 5-11, 2010

room 107 




The medieval tradition from Augustine onwards took God’s providential governing of the world to be perplexing in certain respects, but it certainly supposed itself to have a religiously deep and morally satisfying account of God’s reasons for allowing suffering. Whatever we are to make of this medieval attitude, so alien to some contemporary philosophical sensibilities, it is clear that there is a long tradition of philosophically sophisticated, biblically based theodicies in the West -- and, of course, an equally long tradition of counter-arguments designed to rebut them. My project falls within this genus of philosophical discussion about the problem of evil, and it is indebted to the Christian and Jewish medieval traditions for its approach.


Useful Readings

  • Richard Swinburne, Providence and the Problem of Evil, (Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1998), pp.196-201.
  • William Rowe, “The Empirical Argument from Evil,” in Rationality, Religious Belief and Moral Commitment: New Essays in the Philosophy of Religion, ed. Robert Audi and William Wainwright (Ithaca: Cornell University Press, 1986).
  • William Alston, “The Inductive Argument from Evil and the Human Cognitive Condition”, in The Evidential Argument from Evil, ed. Daniel Howard-Snyder, (Bloomington, IN: Indiana University Press, 1996, pp.111- 114. For specific topics some further works are indicated.


Questions should be directed to:

  • dr hab. Agnieszka-Lekka-Kowalik (alekka-/at/-kul.pl)
  • or Łukasz Cięgotura (ciegotura-/at/-student.kul.lublin.pl)





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