Professor John Crosby

Franciscan University of Steubenville (USA)

The Human Person in Relation to the Sub-Human Animals

Karol Wojtyla Memorial Lectures 2014/2015

May 27 – June 2, 2015, Classroom C-220

30 hours course/ 2 ECTS points




In this course I examine the basis for saying that man is a being fundamentally superior to the animals. I consider mistaken ways of affirming human superiority, such as the Cartesian idea that animals are machines and that man alone has a conscious life. I also consider the mistake of denying human superiority. While doing full justice to the mental powers of animals such as chimpanzees, I try to show exactly wherein the human superiority consists, giving particular attention to fact that animals are "environment­bound" whereas human persons are "world-open." I also consider the ethical standing of animals and inquire into the kind of respect they deserve to receive from human beings. I examine critically the traditional view that animals exist for the use of human beings, and I examine critically the contemporary view that animals possess rights.


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