Prof. Juan Manuel Burgos

University San Pablo CEU (Madrid, Spain)

Karol Wojtyla Memorial Lectures 2015/2016

30 hours course / 2 ECTS points


The integral experience
A personalistic method based on Karol Wojtyla


Prof. Juan Manuel Burgos

This course presents the project of a new philosophical method, the integral experience, developed by prof. Juan Manuel Burgos based on the contributions of Karol Wojtyla in The Acting Person.

The method has the following features:

  1. It aims to unify the philosophy of being and philosophy of consciousness, ie overcome the subject-object division
  2. It is based on the concept of experience developed by Karol Wojtyla
  3. It is a method specifically personalist distinct from the phenomenological method and the Thomist epistemology.
  4. It allows to develop a philosophical anthropology and ethics in which the subjective and objective dimension of the person are assumed simultaneously.

First, we will set forth the method as it has been developed by Karol Wojytla in The Acting Person. Afterwards it will be compared with the phenomenological method of Edmund Husserl and the realist phenomenology of Josef Seifert to identify similarities and differences. Later it will be also compared with Thomist, empiricist and Kantian epistemology. This will allow us to conclude that this is a new and original method. Finally, we will show how to understand the philosophy according to this method and its important consequences for the conception of metaphysics and ontology, the structuring of the web of knowledge, the need to think from the person and develop personalistic categories and the new paths open to the knowledge of God.


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