Stanislaw Kaminski Memorial Lectures 2022

The John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin


Prof. David Hershenov
University at Buffalo


Personal Identity and Bioethics


May 9-13, 2022


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The course will examine three questions at the intersection of personal identity and bioethics. Is the human animal identical to the human person? When during a pregnancy does there emerge a subject of harm? To what extent can the mindless and minimally minded be harmed by their deaths?


30 Hour Course, 2 ECTS Points


9-12 AM, ROOM C220  |  Also available online


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  • Jeff McMahan. 2002. "The Ethics of Killing" Problems at the Margins of Life. Oxford University Press. "The Embodied Mind Account" pp. 66-94.
  • Michael Tooley. 1983. Abortion and Infanticide. Part II. Chapter 5 "The Concept of a Person." 87-164
  • Derek Parfit. 2012. "We Are Not Human Beings." Philosophy. 87:1. 5-28.
  • David Hershenov. 2021. "Thinking Animals or Thinking Brains?" Acta Analytica.  36, 11-24
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  • David Hershenov and Rose Hershenov. 2017. "If Abortion then Infanticide." Theoretical Medicine and Bioethics. 38:5, 387-409.




Kaminski Lectures Syllabus


McMahan Readings are from the
Ethics of Killing: Problems at the Margins of Life


Monday May 9:

McMahan “Are We Human Organisms” pp 24-39


Tuesday May 10

McMahan “The Psychological Account” pp. 39-66


Wednesday May 11

McMahan “The Embodied Mind Account” pp. 66-94

Recommended: Olson “An Argument for Animalism” pp. 1-21


Thursday May 12

Hershenov “Thinking Animals or Thinking Brains”

Recommended: Parfit “We Are Not Human Beings”


Friday May 13

McMahan “The Time Relative Interests Account” pp. 165-174

Hershenov “Health, Harm, and Potential: The Interests of the Mindless & Minimally Minded” 2-27

Recommended: Marquis: “Abortion and Death” pp. 11-33



  1. Hershenov - 'Health, Harm, and Potential - The Interests of the Mindless and Minimally Minded'.pdf
  2. Hershenov - Thinking Animals or Thinking Brains.pdf
  3. Marquis - Abortion and Death - Critique of TRIA.pdf
  4. McMahan - Are We Human Organisms.pdf
  5. McMahan - The Embodied Mind.pdf
  6. McMahan - The Psychological Account.pdf
  7. McMahan - The Time-Relative Interest Account.pdf
  8. Olson - An Argument for Animalism.pdf
  9. Parfit - Why we are not Human Being.pdf



Do Pro-Lifers Really Believe that Embryos
have the Same Moral Status as the Born?


David Hershenov





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