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Ideals of Education in Enlightenment Education (in Line of Intellectual History): On the History of the Commission of National Educatio 37

Comments on Literary Patronage in Poland and in Exile until 1989 65

Dispersed Patronage: A New Face of Support for Bookmen in the 19th Century 81

Patronage and Religion: The “Work of the New Millennium” Foundation as a Form of Catholic Church Patronage in Poland 91

Stalin’s Vision of the Culture: Project and Realization. Patronage in the Circumstances of Politicization 109

Business’ Safe Games in the Contemporary Art Sector (on the Example of Corporate Collections) 122

Right to Culture in Terms of Economic Freedom 135

Cross-Sector Collaboration in Financing Cultural Undertakings as Exemplified by Teatr Muzyczny in Poznań 151





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