Center for American Law


The Center for American Law was established at KUL in 1998 as a program of the American Bar Association Central and East European Law Initiative. (ABA/CEELI)  At the time the principle project was the School of American Law taught in conjunction with the law faculty of Chicago Kent College of Law, through the efforts of Professor Richard Warner. Directors of the Center have included Professor Grzegorz Górski; Professor Delaine Swenson and Professor Katarzyna Maćkowska. In addition to the School of American law the Center has sponsored numerous conferences, meetings and exchanges with American law professors and faculties.


In 2020 the Center for American Law was re-constituted at the Faculty with Professor Delaine Swenson taking over as the Director again. The Center in conjunction with the Center for Advancing skills will be instituting two new certificate programs in American Law and Legal Skills in English. More information will be posted shortly. Anyone with questions about the Center for American Law can contact Professor Swenson directly.

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